Wise Data Recovery

Wise Data Recovery is a utility that helps you quickly find and easily recover files which were deleted from your personal computer. With this program you will be able to recover all the data that has been lost.

Wise Data Recovery Free program will find and recover deleted files from your computer. The program will quickly scan your computer and try to make the recovery of the deleted files.

Quite often there are situations when it is found that some of the files have been deleted from your computer by mistake. It can happen, for example, when one computer is used by several users.

Lost data can be of value to the user. If, for example, music and movies can still be found on the Internet, personal photos and some important documents will be lost forever.

A quick and simple program named Wise Data Recovery safely recovers data not only from your hard drive and other external drives connected to the computer via the USB interface. It may be flash storage devices, external hard drives, memory cards, MP3 players, and other portable devices.

With the help of the Wise Data Recovery software is able to recover files of different formats: documents, history, images, and audio, video and e-mail files. The program has simple operation, and it quickly takes action to restore deleted files.

The easiest thing is to restore such files. This utility determines the list of deleted files and components to be restored. It is noteworthy that Wise Data Recovery software is able to give full information about the status of the file and the possibility of re-use. You understand that you can search for absolutely any content, however, the most vulnerable in this case are exactly multimedia files. It is possible to try to restore them, but most programs of this type will are able to offer you just recently deleted data, and certainly not the files that have been deleted, for example, a year ago.

Thus, we must make a difference between professional tools recovery of data, which are used by professional programmers even for reading the contents on the broken hard drives and ordinary programs for data recovery, which could only help in the field of multimedia, office documents, and everything like that. Although, on the other hand, an average user deprived of skills in using this type of application, automatic operation can be to the taste.

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