UndeleteMyFiles Pro

UndeleteMyFiles Pro is a program with which you will not worry about files which was deleted.

UndeleteMyFiles Pro is an instrument which helps you to recover your accidentally deleted files from hard drive, from USB, from CF and SD memory cards and from other information storage devices.

UndeleteMyFiles Pro will restore your documents very fast and easy. For beginning you need point out the place where situated deleted file and place where you want to save it. The program will scan your chosen media and will find needed file. UndeleteMyFiles Pro works with a lot of medias including hard drives, USB and etc. A feature of this program is not just an ability to repair deleted files, but also it can to delete the documents without any opportunity to restore them with different programs.

Opportunities of the program:

1. File Rescue is a special master which helps to find and recover needed files..
2. Delete File Search is an instrument which gives a lot of special filters for finding particular files.
3. Files Wiper is an instrument of safety which gives you the ability to delete files from the disk without any opportunity to restore them with different programs.
4. Emergency Disk Image is an instrument which can to save all information from the chosen disk in a single image-file. In any case from the file possible to recover all the data.
5. Mail Rescue is a master to restore the deleted mail.

UndeleteMyFiles Pro Free Download

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