Restoration – this is the program for recovery of mistakenly deleted files.

Restoration – this is the simple program for recovery of deleted files. This program can recover files after cleaning of a recycle bin or deleting files with pressed Shift key. To increase the chances of recovery, you should use this program immediately after deleting files, until they have been overwritten by other information.

Restoration does not need to be installed, therefore the program can be launched from the USB drive, which connected to the computer, in order to reduce the probability of overwriting deleted files on the hard drive. Restoration program does not require additional settings; therefore you can use this program immediately after launch.

It is very simple to use Restoration program. You should choose the drive from which you want to recover files and start scanning process. To narrow the search circle, you can specify the file name or at least the part of file name. Restoration program also have the option to search files with zero size.

Restoration program will show in the table all found files, which can be restored. To restore files you need to choose necessary files and copy them in any folder which is stored on another hard drive or flash drive.

Restoration – this is very simple in use portable program, which allows you to recover deleted files.

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