Glary Undelete

Glary Undelete is an easy-to-use program for recovering of deleted data in all known file systems.

When the user needs to restore whole lost data Glary Undelete can help. This application is able to revive the files that were deleted just in those folders, from where they had been erased due to user carelessness or harmful effects of a viral software. After this restoration it will be possible to give full operation to the files. Glary Undelete is free and is suitable to all the versions of Windows operating system.

It is useful for every personal computer user who works in Windows operating system to download Glary Undelete. Let us agree that quite often important files and documents may be lost due to the user’s carelessness or improper operation of some certain applications. In such situations Glary Undelete is a great helper. This program is able to recover all lost data.

The program works fine with all document formats. Initially Glary Undelete scans your system or specific folders, files, disk partitions. Through utility, it is possible to restore multimedia tools, for example: photos, videos and audio files. The process of scanning takes a minimal period of time, after which the user is able to receive a long-awaited result. Note that the search for the lost data can be carried out according to individual tags, title and other characteristics of the file.

It is surprising that the majority of documents are not removed from the system entirely. Windows often leaves the individual information of the documents or different tails. Certainly, this data is used in the process of Glary Undelete recovery of the deleted information. A user-friendly interface allows the user to understand the core functionality during minutes. Furthermore, Glary Undelete is a multipurpose program, equipped with a number of options and settings for a high-quality data.

Among the features of Glary Undelete we prefer to select:

– An instant search of the deleted files;
– Recovery of the qualitative data;
– Support of numerous languages;
– A very simple interface with a great number of options.

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