Disk Drill

Disk Drill is a program for recovery of deleted files from a Mac computer’s hard drive.

The Disk Drill Program allows for easy and fast recovery of deleted files on your computer run by Mac OS X on any local drives and external storages with the HFS/HFS+/FAT file structure. If data hasn’t been rewritten on the same place of the hard drive, then the program will restore them with 100% guarantee. In case of accidentally having removed a file accidentally or damaged a drive containing favorite photos, music, video or other information Disk Drill will restore the lost information. The information can be restored from such carriers of data such as the camera, photo camera, USB-Flash, hard drives, etc.

Disk Drill is professional instrument for recovery data. The program is developed especially for computers run by Mas OS. The utility allows to restore easy information from disks irrespective of file system (HFS/HFS+, FAT16/FAT32, NTFS, EXT3, EXT4, etc.) and from type of remote data. It can be incidentally remote photos from a memory card of the camera or the inaccessible section of the external hard drive.

Besides the main function of recovering information Disk Drill offers a unique technology of protection – Recovery Vault. Disk Drill begins to monitoring remote files after activation of this function, placing office signing up in storage of the program by means of which subsequent recovery of data becomes business of several minutes.

The recovery of information can take place in three modes:

1. «Undelete» – cancellation of the removal of files from a carrier which is being protected by either the Recovery Vault or the Guaranteed Recovery function;
2. «Quick Scan» or «Fast Scan» – search of recently removed files
3. «Deep Scan» – if data wasn’t found in “fast scan” the option of deep scan is applied.

So, the Disk Drill profitably differs among analogs when it comes to having convenient interface, a set of additional functions, a large number of formats for restoration and it’s price. It’s especially pleasant to mention that in some countries the program is on sale at the discounted price of 50% making it an even more excellent investment for the safety of your data!

Disk Drill Review

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