BPlan Data Recovery

BPlan Data Recovery software is the fastest way to scan and recover data. BPlan can help you find lost data after you have accidentally deleted or reformatted for Windows.

BPlan Data Recovery is a small program which can recover files removed from the bin or that’s been lost due to failure of the operating system, formatting of a disk, action of viruses and other reasons. The program has a convenient and simple interface for the user, that’s very easy to use.

Use of this tool is the fastest method of scanning and recovers of the lost information. The program can promote to search to you for the lost data after the Windows operating system has glitches, you have unintentionally removed them, or reformatted the disk USB, the hard drive or the section, were attacked by viruses or information is lost after operation of the uninstaller.

This you will be able to restore on an USB flash a disk, a memory card, the external hard drive or an SD card. It’s possible to restore information of different type, with an unlimited size of data. The utility can find the lost files, proceeding from their contents; however scanning will be carried out much longer, than in the standard mode. There is a preview in text, browse mode of pictures and the binary mode. At restoration, files are copied on other disk, or have undressed.

BPlan Data Recovery Free Download

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